On the third day the Creator created the plants, and the sixth Adam and Eve, and placed them in Eden, in the earthly paradise garden,

where the plants are the most beautifully created by the first and unprecedented elite tourism enjoyment on Earth. All-inclusive offers were free of charge except for picking fruit from the tree, recognizing the good of evil. But pernicious herbs smell Eve and curiosity overwhelms the work. The first world tourist pair would therefore be excluded from Eden. But the Lord loves people and create many paradise landscapes to remind Adam's followers of their journey to eternity, whether they worship the nature or whether they are distant.

Island is Garden

The island is a natural garden enclosed by a hill. Sea calms and agitates. The island garden, like Lošinj, always calms down: the harmony of green, rocky and fragrant ozone blown by the singing of the sea and the sheepling of the sheep.

When the sky opens over the sea, the sea is swirling, and the island is the only hope. Then the island became heaven, a sea of ​​cleansing, and heaven was a hell. Sea of the Adriatic, the island of Lošinj, the paradise of the Earth.

Island is Paradise

The fragrant garden highlights the life value of the scent

If Paradise is the enjoyment of the soul of the just,
then the Island - Garden is a sanctuary for the sensation of the death of our mortal.
And the spices are our island gold and incense.

Let's keep Lošinj's sparkling distinctive character!