Every day the fragrant garden has different scents. The garden’s whisperer presents the scents of the day, fragrant songs and events that follow.

The garden smells differently every moment. Each titer of natural elements modifies sparkling radiations: sunshine or cloud shadows, electricity is mastered by the universe of goodness, the moisture of the south and the dry bora. A different garden smells in the daylight, differently at dawn. At noon for sunny days the day is spicy crescendo. Most of the time the garden is ringing after the rain. The garden magazine in the scrapbook records garden fragrances and events that are for us.

Garden fragrance of the day

The brightly colored white sea dew on the dark-greenish subsoil: the roses blossom like roses shimmering rosemary shrubs. Mimosa discovered her soft light-colored lace blooms. The rare undisturbed fruits of the Lošinj lemons are resistant to the ravages of martin bura. Milkweed like a glot, announces a general waking green. It was a scent March.

Garden fragrant songbook

In May and June, the aroma of garden and island plants overwhelms youthful love at first glance. The colors on the flowering palette are extremely vibrant, gorgeous, smells as passionate as the most hilarious embrace. The island theater sings crescendo joy. In a masked dance of cheated seducers, the golden yellow spartium, the irresistible purple blue sage, the purplish and innocent white flowers of the coastal rose - laudanum. Island plants seduce us... and captivate...